The Smash Digital team is comprised of 18 SEO experts with dozens of years of combined experience in the SEO world

The Smash Digital team
Tim, Karl, Travis, and Nick in 2018

Hey, I’m Travis, the lanky, awkward unicorn in the middle.

Smash was born over 11 years ago. It surfaced as a result of me building my own online businesses. I noticed my successful ones all had one thing in common: they were all built on SEO.

Fast-forward a few years and we’ve had unfathomable success applying our strategies to our portfolio companies. Our goal here remains the same – how can we apply the most effective SEO process to as many of our own and other businesses as possible?

That’s why Smash Digital exists today, and why we’re not just another agency.

Meet the Smash Digital Team

Travis Jamison


Travis is the founder of a dozen companies, with 3 meaningful exits, with most built using SEO. He's writing about this himself in third person, and refuses to have a professional head-shot (hence the avatars).


Director of Operations
Relentlessly focused on SEO and analyzing the search results. Operations connoisseur. Never seen a mountain he didn’t want to hike.


Director of Client Services
Proud SEO nerd that wants you to love it as much he does. BJJ white belt now and for the foreseeable future. Amateur travel hacker that never has enough airline miles.
Karl Kangur


Director of Marketing
Karl has over 10 years of digital marketing experience. He has built (and sold) several companies, ranging from affiliate websites to e-commerce stores. His core expertise lies in SEO, content, and business strategy.


Outreach Manager
SEO princess, first of her name, combines scientific data and artistic intuition in her strategies. Small, but will fight for your rankings. Recreational ballet dancer and newbie piano player driven by enormous enthusiasm.


Outreach Manager
Fixated on detail, delivery, and managing relationships. Passionate about publishing great content. Awful guitar player but a pretty decent cat photographer. Got his eyes on Pugleigh's job.


Outreach Manager
Experienced outreach professional, but eager to learn new tricks. In love with languages, science fiction, anime, and finding new bands. Is regularly planning new adventures - next on the list are archery lessons.


Project Manager
SEO prodigy and psychology major blessed with some enviable organizational and management skills (one big, nerdy perfectionist who often gets asked if she is a human-like robot). Recreational ballet dancer and fitness devotee constantly striving for more movement.
Drea Gombos


Lead Content Writer
Has been writing ever since she could properly hold pen and paper. A compulsive reader, fantasy and horror fan: but will read almost anything that comes with a solid recommendation. Listens to a lot of jazz, walks a lot of miles on the weekends, and can usually be roped in to discuss anything content marketing-related.


Lead Content Writer
Fell in love with writing once she realized it could be used as an excuse to read and do research. Obsessed with ballet, theater, and travel - especially if they're combined. Fueled by coffee and chocolate, but trying to cut back on both.
Sean Markey


Marketing Content Writer
Obsessive consumer of SEO news and strategies, writes the This Week in SEO column. Loves playing drums and writing fiction. Bets you he can throw a football over them mountains.


Content Editor
An enthusiastic writer, still enchanted by the power of words. Happy to roll up her sleeves for anything content-related. Learned in her 20's that she's not clumsy after all, and couldn't stop moving ever since. Horseback riding is her latest obsession. 


Technical Specialist
Problem-solver and creative, but logical thinker. Former personal trainer and army officer who can answer most of your questions about tech, gaming, and most importantly SEO. Most likely to be the last man standing after the apocalypse.


Outreach Specialist
Avid SEO specialist and ecommerce enthusiast. Loves playing basketball, but due to a recent injury has been forced to get his fix by reading about the sport and commenting on message boards.


Designer extraordinaire. You throw a bunch of random words and ideas at him that don't make much sense (and most likely involve a unicorn head), and he always delivers. In record speed.


Team Pet
Not Pugly. Pug-leigh. Make sure you get it right or she'll gum you to death. Toothless, loves bananas, and was probably a cat in a past life.
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