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If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place. Our fully managed SEO service might be just what you need.

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We’re not just another white-labeled agency. We’re serial entrepreneurs and SEO professionals with skin in the game.

Working with Smash, you’re not just buying another link building service. You’re investing into a team with proven expertise and processes for scaling startups up to 7 and 8-figures using SEO as the foundation.

We don’t sell advertising. We don’t write email copy for you. We specialize in one thing:

Getting you the best SEO results possible.

We’ve worked with single-person startups to companies with employees based all over the globe. We’ve worked with companies ranging from finance to education.

Smash Digital is here to help no matter your size or industry.

The "Unicorn Formula" of Links and Tech

We treat SEO as a science and the data we’ve collected doesn’t lie – backlinks matter more than ever. Brian Dean of Backlinko (with the help of Clickstream data), analyzed 1-million search results, and the data was rather clear:

We found the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor

But… although link building is our bread and butter (and pretty much our favorite thing to do), Google’s ranking algorithm consists of hundreds of different factors and we know a holistic approach is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how much high-quality fuel you pour into the gas tank if the engine is missing.

Here’s a sneak peek of the system we’ve used to turn dozens of our own businesses as well as hundreds of clients’ into leaders in their industry.

Just like there’s no one advertisement that works in every single industry, the same is true in search engine optimization.

We kickstart our process by doing an in-depth analysis into your site, as well as your competitors (this is key), to reverse engineer what’s already working in the space.

What kind of keywords are pulling in the most traffic? What is the “intent” of the SERPs (commercial vs informational intent)? What kind of copy is used on the pages? And most importantly, what does it take to rank for these terms?

This gives us an accurate blueprint to follow in terms of what Google is currently rewarding and what needs to happen to get to where you want to be.

Having the tech side of your website in order before building links is critical. We want Google to have a clear understanding of what your website is about and how you help people – on-site SEO is how we do it.

We don’t just look at a few meta titles and descriptions.

In our SEO audit included in our fully managed services covers everything ranging from targeting the keywords that will actually have an impact on your business to website speed and page-level diagnostics.

Not only do we help you present the best version of yourself to Google but also to your potential prospects and customers.

We use a handful of the best tools available to make this happen. Ahrefs (our favorite), Sitebulb auditor, Screaming Frog, SurferSEO as well as extra internal processes.

Acquiring powerful and safe backlinks is the biggest SEO challenge out there. Luckily, it’s what we’re best at.

Over the last six years we’ve refined our link-building processes into a high-yield “link-building machine.”

We’re talking about relevant, contextual links on high-quality authority sites that get organic traffic. Google loves this more than anything, and many other agencies simply dream of getting these links.

All of this is done through white hat outreach to website owners we have existing relationships with. Our editorial team has put thousands of hours into delivering practical value to these publications and they’re happy to return the favor.

We exclusively use tried-and-tested outreach processes and an experienced team to take care of everything for you. Here’s everything we DON’T do:

  • Private Blog Networks (PBN links)
  • Shady link schemes
  • Automated software
  • Spammy links

The links we build will turn your website into a trusted authority in your industry and have a significant impact on your organic traffic.

A lot of marketing and SEO agencies sell you fixed packages. You get five tweets, seven Facebook posts, and three backlinks. We say bullshit.

The learning phase is the most critical as we take a step back and look at everything we’ve done right off the bat and figure out what gave us the desired results.

We look into which pages are responding well, what type of links are working best, and which signals are in the green.

The same goes for your competitors – we’ll keep an eye out on what they’re doing and how their rankings are fluctuating so you can learn at their expense.

Once the analytical phase is complete, we double down on the things that showed positive movement in the SERPs and really push things into high gear.

By now your website will be up to par on the tech side, have optimized content, and showing positive ranking movements, which means we can take all our resources and push them strictly into link building and relationships.

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Why Cheap SEO Isn't Cheap at All

The SEO service industry is a crowded one and comes with a lot of bad actors. The odds are high that you’ll know at least a dozen places promising you first page rankings for something ridiculous like $99 a month.

For the two reasons below, you’ll want to tread carefully.

The best case scenario is that they’ll simply do poor work and you’ll waste the next six months with no results while your competitors are Smashing away.

The worst case scenario is that they’re using blackhat strategies that put your business in danger. Shady links can get your website completely deindexed from Google, meaning you’d lose all of your traffic and be forced to start over with a new domain.

Now the big question…

How Much Is It?

Every industry is different and every website has its own history. That means SEO budgets shouldn’t really take a one size fits all approach.

With a little bit of information about your business, we can help guide you into budget that is both effective and efficient. Our managed campaigns start at $2.5k/month, but the plans can vary based on what your actual niche would take to succeed.

Fill out the form below with additional details about your project and we’ll get back to you with a quote within one or two business days.

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Our managed SEO packages start at $2,500 per month and vary based on the work needed to succeed.

Let’s chat to see if we can help, no pressure whatsoever.

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