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We help you scale your SaaS using a world-class organic growth team, combined with the finest authority backlinks ever seen

Let me get SaaSsy with you for a second...

There’s a famous saying in marketing:


No, wait, it goes like this:

You wouldn’t go to a knee doctor to help an earache. Don’t go to a generic SEO consulting company to build your SaaS a bunch of links.


Because they don’t really get you. But us? We’re SaaS SEO strategy, optimization, and link-building experts. We GET you.

We’re the ear doctor for your earache (metaphorically speaking).

Wondering If You're A Good Fit For Our Service?

If Paul Graham has taken out a restraining order against you...

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you might be a good fit.

If you've ever made a cake with your average LTV graph for a company party...

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you might be a good fit.

If you offer employees "unlimited PTO..."

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you might be a good fit.

If you've ever made someone groan loudly due to your terrible SaaS pun...

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you might be a good fit.

Jeff Unicornworthy telling SaaS company jokes

What Makes Us the SaaS SEO Experts?

Glad you asked...

The answer to this question BASICALLY boils down to: the founder of Smash Digital is a serial entrepreneur who has built and exited a successful b2b SaaS business, and then used those to funds to become a successful VC to help grow OTHER SaaS business.
It’s basically the circle of life, if you’re into that…
But here is some more text that digs in to the details of why so we can convince you to become our client.

🦄 We Scratched Our Own Itch

Similar to how the band Starship built their city on rock and roll, we built this link building company on our own need for links worth a damn for our OWN SaaS platform. (Pro-tip for your company’s copywriter: always invoke 80s synthpop bands on your sales page, it’s a wallet opener).

Yes, Travis Jamison, founder of Smash Digital, needed a scalable link building solution that understood SaaS companies and was effective at ranking them. So he created the roadmap, the process, and the team we now use at Smash Digital.

One 8-figure-SaaS-exit later… your company can enjoy our link building success as well.

🦄 We're Very Involved in the SaaS Startup Community

Through our sister site, Travis regularly invests in startups.

And not just invests, but brings a whole level of help to the table in the form of, that’s right, Smash Digital and our totally effective SaaS SEO service.

So, you’re not just getting Yet Another Marketing Agency That’s Trying to Cash In On That SaaS Money.™ Instead, you’ll be working with a team that knows what it takes to get a project off the ground, and get that organic traffic engine running.

🦄 We Drink the Kool-Aid. We Eat the Dog Food

If you only knew how many of our own projects, the projects of friends who trust us, the sites we invest in and advise that we’ve done SEO for, you’d be like:

Open head, remove brain.


Because this is a total no-brainer.

How Does It All Work?

Look, we’d like to be like Coca-Cola and have our secret recipe locked in vault with a tighter security detail than Peter Thiel visiting Miami, but the truth is:

SEO has a bad reputation for a reason.

So while we’re not giving you the exact recipe for our secret sauce, we ARE dumping the sauce all over the table for you to taste, smell, and finger-paint a smiling sun above a house with one window on the second floor and a single tree outside.

For years we have done things the hard, arduous way and built a TON of relationships with writers, built authoritative personas AND ALSO recruited actual authoritative experts in the tech space that regularly get invited to contribute to the kind of sites where you can’t even buy a link if you wanted (editorial integrity is the ultimate link metric).

So you don’t have to spend four years trying to cultivate these SEO relationships yourself. You can just hire us to be your street-smart bro that’ll show you around the dangerous, toxic downtown streets of New Link City, someone who knows which hot dog stands to avoid because they serve rat meat, and where to find the best hot chocolate (in this example, our SEO agency competitors are the hot dogs made of rats, and we are the rich dark chocolate SaaS SEO experts with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg in the whipped cream).

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Want to Work With an SaaS SEO Agency That Will Actually Deliver Results?

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Let’s chat to see if we can help, no pressure whatsoever.

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