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Grey Hat SEO

Aggressive SEO With Lightning Quick Results


Who is it for?

Those who are in tough niches, those looking for extra fast results, and those not afraid of a little extra risk.

What is The Grey Hat Blast?

Short Answer; it’s high quality grey hat SEO.

Long Answer; it’s a lot of things, many of which we do not reveal publically. It is designed to algorithmically mimic the signals of a website going viral. Websites that go viral will often rank for large terms literally overnight.

Some Details:

  • A huge amount of diversified contextual backlinks
  • Huge amount of diversified platforms
  • Perfect anchor diversity
  • Social signals
  • xx,xxx amount of tier-2 links
  • Proper velocity
  • Perfect dofollow/nofollow ratio
  • Links from high PR/DA/PA/TF domains


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Are penalties possible?

Yes. But they are always possible no matter what type of SEO you do. Penalties do happen when you try and manipulate the search engine rankings. They are rare, but use at your own risk

When should I use this?

Everyone has a different opinion really. We usually recommend to use it in a case where there is high potential upside for ranking and a low potential downside. Risk management and ROI analysis is essential.


  • A website that has no chance of ranking using white hat seo
  • A website that could have a huge ROI if it ranks, but is not expensive to build
  • A website that you do NOT depend on for your livelihood
  • YouTube Video(s)
  • Feeder sites designed to send traffic to your main website (my favorite method)
  • Sending powerful tier 2/3 links to your tier 1 white-hat links
  • …endless more possibilities

Can I use on new websites?

Yes. It does generally work better on established websites with some age, authority, and a little PR, but it has still worked plenty of times with brand new websites.

Any way to improve the results?

Absolutely. The Grey Hat Blast works wonderfully when combined with RankBOSS. This is an especially great combination for newer websites without previous established SEO. We recommend using RankBOSS for 2-3 weeks before the blast for best results.

Are The Results Guaranteed?

Nope. Not in this case. It’s simply not possible with high level SEO such as this. It obviously works the majority of the time (or we wouldn’t be offering it obviously), and roughly 9/10 websites will respond favorably in the SERPs.

Any other tips?

Yes. Get your on-page SEO in order. This guide will help.


  • Results arrive within 7-14 days.
  • You can use unlimited URLs in the same niche. But remember that every extra url dilutes the power
  • Unlimited keywords
  • No Reports! This service is awesome and we do NOT want copycats

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*Note: Remember this is NOT white hat seo.

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