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Our Best SEO Memes

Our favorite SEO memes over the years of our “This Week in SEO” blog

(if you share, please give us a link! And if it’s your meme, please let us know)

Rank Pages SEO Meme

Oh, Google! SEO Meme


  Blocking Google Bot Meme


  Featured Snippet SEO Meme


Follow Links SEO Memes


No Follow Links that Follow Meme


Internal Links Meme


  Affiliate Bae SEO Meme


Content Quality Meme


Google Penalties Meme




  medic update Meme SEO


  Not Ranking in SEarch Results


  SEO Guy


Google Rap SEO Meme


The Future of SEO


Ranking Fluctuation Meme


Content is Important Meme


Rank Brain for SEO Meme


Confused by Ahref Meme


Canonical SEO Terms


  Build Silo SEO Meme


Page Not Found Meme


Don't Compete with Google Meme


Apple Map Sucks SEO Meme


Google CEO Meme


Penguin Update SEO Meme


Link Building SEO Meme


Anchor Texts Funny Meme


301 Redirect Meme


Web Crawler SEO Meme


Apple vs GOogle Meme


SEO Audit Memes


Spam Reports Meme


Mobile Pages SEO Meme


SEO Horror Story Funny Picture


Pandas falling SEO Meme


Google Algorithm Core Update Meme


Google vs Apple Meme


Optimization Meme


Sad Jimmy SEO Meme


Avoiding the panda penalty


Don't Play with Google SEO Meme



Bing SEO Meme


Affiliate SEO Meme


Google+ SEO Meme


Dealing with Google Penalty Meme


Your Post is bad! Meme


Panda Recovery Meme


How To Recover From Panda 4.0


Google Kool Aid SEO Meme




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Karl Kangur

When being a chess prodigy turned out to be too demanding, Karl converted to being a marketing nerd. He loves to theorycraft and when he starts talking about SEO, he can't stop.
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