What’s Your Site's SEO Score?

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It’s an arduous process trying to keep up with Google’s algorithm, as their ranking factors seem to evolve on a daily basis. Thankfully, now you can Netflix and chill, because with On Page SEO Tool you can quickly check your SEO score to see if you comply with all of the on-page SEO factors, like your URL and your content quality, backlinks, your page title and H1 tag.

Free SEO Check Up of your URL

Make sure your site’s URL is Search Engine Optimized with our free On Page SEO Tool. 

Free SEO Report of your website

Is your site loading fast enough? Make sure your site is not being affected by loading times.

Tips to Improve your website's SEO

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What’s your SEO score & how to check it

Analyzing strategies from your competitors and utilizing analytical research data, On Page SEO Tool automatically offers practical suggestions.


Unlike other tools that make you go through the annoying process of data assemblance and analysis, On Page SEO Tool does the process for you. You will be provided with a easy-to-understand and actionable plan on how to improve your page’s rankings. This plan includes helpful tips and educational materials.


Not only does On Page SEO Tool give you instructions on optimization, it also explains why doing so is important. There are no more excuses for your site to be lagging behind! Get your score for free. 

About this Tool

The search engine optimization process requires a considerable investment of time and effort. You have the choice of doing this process manually or resorting to a faster and FREE method — using On Page SEO Tool.


With thousands of SEO tools out there, it is difficult to choose the right one. What makes On Page SEO Tool stand out, is the fact that this tool offers a detailed description of your website’s overall health. It also lists thing you could do to improve your site’s ranking.

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