Profit Share SEO and Investment Program
By Travis Jamison

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This is something that I’ve debated about offering for some time now, and believe the time has finally come to make this public. I have been working with multiple individuals and companies behind the scenes for years with great results using profit sharing models, and I’m looking to expand into new territories. The concept is simple. You provide the system, we provide the traffic, and we split the profit in the end.

*Before we dive in, I want to note that this offer is most likely not appropriate for most people. You must qualify for this, and it must be a good fit for both parties. If this is not appropriate then please check out RankBOSS.

Start With Why:

The goal of partnering up is simple. I will cover each one in a little more depth, but the basics of our partnerships are designed for us both to:

  1. Maximize strengths
  2. Remove bottlenecks
  3. Allow bigger scale

Maximizing Our Strengths

Despite what my math teachers always said, 1+1 does not always equal 2. Not in the real world at least. Combining skillsets can create exponential results. I want to partner with people who have complimentary skillsets to mine in order to allow explosive growth in whatever market we enter.

Removing Bottlenecks

My goal is to limit the activities that slow my team and I down the most so that we can focus on what we are good at; helping businesses grow through high quality organic traffic. By doing this we also aim to allow our partners (you) to be able to focus on all the other aspects of your business that you excel at. This allows us all to remove our weakest links in the online business process in order to create more successful projects, in much less overall time, while minimizing upfront investment costs.


A site making $500/month doesn’t interest me. But growing a project from small to massive most certainly does interest me, and I hope it does you as well. By removing the bottlenecks and only focusing on our respective specializations we have the opportunity to create bigger projects in greater number. For my team, having to use our time to learn about new niches and build out relevant sites is time consuming, and not usually the best use of our resources. However having a few fully ready to go websites put in front of us so that we can get to bringing in customers is a much easier task. Our specialty of making things rank allows us to cater to larger amounts of projects.

I’m going to assume that you learning about how to generate traffic and understanding the ever-changing intricacies of SEO is not the best use of your time either. You should instead be able to focus on building out as big of projects as possible, while we take care of the traffic.


As previously mentioned, this offer is not appropriate for many businesses. I wanted to give you some examples of partnerships that are currently working well.

  • A national leadgen company approached me about a partnership. They build the ready-to-go sites in their most profitable niches with a trackable lead system, my team ranks the sites. We split the profit. These sites now make us both thousands of dollars a month and is growing.
  • A long-term client who was already having proven success as an Amazon affiliate, but SEO was the bottleneck limiting his scalability. Now he researches and picks the niches, sets up the sites, and we take care of the rest. We are at 12 new sites this week alone.
    Note that usually I would not be interested in Amazon affiliate sites, but at scale it can turn into big business, and he’s already proven his ability to make them work.
  • A financial professional who knows his industry inside and out, has already had multiple successful sites, and knows how to best monetize the traffic due to his specialization. He creates the site and handles the traffic that we bring in. We have the goal of holding for a year, then flipping for low 6-figures.

Models That Will Not Work:

  • A used car salesman saying that he will split the income of any cars he sell as a result of the website.
  • A marketing company saying they will pay x-amount for every new client that signs up.

The problem with the above models is mostly the lack of trackable data, the possibility of outside sales, and the fact that they are not incentivised to be 100% transparent.

Acquisitions & Investments

In some cases we can also help with investment in the company. I’m the founder of Moat Ventures, and an active angel investor. At Moat Ventures we love to invest in more sensible startups that want to avoid the typical Venture Capital handcuffs. We love buying into ideal companies, where we can provide the guidance, capital and skills needed to help companies realize their true potential.


If so please click the link below to apply. If you’re a good fit we can go over more details, including how we work, expectations and identify any opportunities that might help us grow your business.

Note* Currently our SEO firm has a large demand and we are only accepting projects currently making at least $3k+/month.

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