How to use spintax:

Spintax (for our purposes) is simply putting special characters around URLs or Keywords so that the software will randomly rotate through them.

Example: Let’s say that you are using a posting software that will provide only one backlink per post, but you are wanting to split up the blog posts between 4 different URLs.

All you do is put them in Spintax and the software will randomly rotate through the URLs and spread them out evenly.

How is it done

It’s simple, you simply put { before all the information, put } at the end of the information, and put  |  in between each piece of information. Confusing I know so I will demonstrate.

Keywordss to spin:
SEO Service
Link Building
Link Building Service
High PR Backlinks

In spintax they look like:

{SEO Service|Link Building|Link Building Service|High PR Backlinks}

Want to make it simple?

Just go and use Enter each URL or Keyword and press enter. Now you have perfect spintax without the trouble.

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