Supremacy SEO Has Merged
Into Smash Digital

Smash Digital has moved

Hey, we are all pretty stoked to announce that SupremacySEO has combined with SaaSicorn to create the brand new SEO agency Smash Digital.

For those who were not already privy to the info, SaaSicorn and Supremacy SEO has actually shared the same team and backend from the start. The two brands were kept separate mainly for branding and marketing purposes.

We feel that now given our growth, this no longer makes sense. So we decided to take the best of both brands and join them into one. We took the fantastic (in our humble opinions) branding from SaaSicorn, and the lighthearted and meme-heavy good time provided by Supremacy SEO and squeezed them into one.

For any SEO clients who missed our email update about it, you can rest assured that nothing is changing on your end. Campaigns are still running strong, and all our old email addresses still work just fine.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us any time.

-Travis Jamison

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