Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead

You just have to do it right

In a blog post yesterday the one and only Matt Cutts struck lightning bolts of fear into the hearts of thousands of SEO’s across the world with a quick pec of his keyboard.

Matt Stated (and I quote):

“So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done”

Oh Noes. The Skyz are falling

The SEO sky is falling


What it really means:

It’s important to always think about the motivations behind these pleasant updates from dear Mr. Cutts. His job is not only to help coordinate algorithmic anti-seo changes, his job is also to head the anti-SEO propaganda machine.

What Matt Cutts really meant:

“Guest posting is currently working really well, and our algorithm is having a tough time distinguishing what is real and what is not.”

Think about this, what on average is the best type of backlink you can get?

  1. Niche relevant of course
  2. Contextual links within well written content
  3. On real sites with real traffic


Ok, well what kind of links come from guest posts?

  1. Niche relevant of course
  2. Contextual links within well written content
  3. On real sites with real traffic

See what I’m getting at here?

How To Avoid Guest Posting Problems

Easy. Make it look real.
The problem with a lot of guest posts that people are being offered is the ridiculous quality that is produced. These are really just posts on a network, except the SEO providers convince you “these are real guest posts.” They aren’t. They are just simple network posts that are a little better written, and cost 5 times as much.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love using some grey-hat links from time to time for all kinds of SEO projects. But at least I’m upfront with what they are. You would be better off just getting high PR network links instead of these crappy “guest posts” that would still give you the same possibility of a manual penalty slap and not have the same algorithmic power.

Ok Ok, How to make guest posts work


  1. Use 4-5 other authority outbound links within the article
  2. DO NOT put your link in the “author section”. Put it in the article
  3. Write an actual quality article (brain explosion)
  4. Use multiple images and/or video
  5. Do actual reach outs for guest posts (hire it)
  6. Use natural anchor texts – Do not force a keyword (Co-occurance works anyway)


This is more hassle, but if you’re going to go the guest blogging route then you might as well take the extra effort and do it properly. If it’s done properly it’s very difficult to even tell it’s a guest post, and if you go up against the big bad manual reviewers team your chances will be much higher of success.

Have an opinion, thought, or anything else? Leave a comment below!
[convertpress id=”1774″ replacetheme=”false”] Edit: After a few personal emails from you guys I want to reiterate something; If you’re doing guest posts specifically for SEO purposes, they don’t have to actually BE legitimate, they just need to LOOK legitimate. Real guest posts are awesome in that they will provide traffic if done properly, but for SEO benefits you just want it to look the part. Avoid the “author bio” section type of backlinks, and use lots of other natural outbound links and you should be safe.

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