An Easy Way To Get Fast Backlinks

Easy Way To Get Free Backlinks

Despite the frantic calls of SEO doomsayers on the web, there actually still exists an easy method to quickly get a lot of links. Strangely enough though, no one ever really thinks of it.

These links are sexy too. They are:

  • As natural as you can get
  • Are completely diversified
  • Have zero footprints
  • Are from targeted customers
  • Can frequently bring in traffic by themselves
  • And are free!

The Method Is Simple:

Step 1: Put together some kind of downloadable gift that your mailing list would love to have. This can be an easy guide of some sort, some inside information about your niche, or anything else that you can provide at low cost because of your established resources.

Step 2: Email your list with a simple offer. Offer to give them the gift 100% free if they will simply link to your website. “To Advertise”

Step 3: There is no step 3. It’s really just that simple. You are now getting lots of new links.


All you need to do is set up a landing page on your site where the people from your email list can go in and post the backlink they just made for you. After they submit, make the download simple, easy and most importantly automatic. Don’t bother verifying the backlink first, as it doesn’t cost you anything anyway.

An easy way to do this is just to use a Wufoo form. Wufoo is wonderful in so many ways, and super easy to use. Just make a form, embed it on your site, and you’re good to go. It’s free for small usage as well, and cheap after that.

What to expect: With this method you will usually get a handful of amazing super niche-relevant links, and a lot of so-so links. You will also usually get people who will just share on facebook instead of posting on a website. This obviously is not really what you’re looking for, but don’t be stingy. They tried and don’t know any better.

The great news is that these links will be completely diversified, and even better they are coming from YOUR TARGETED CUSTOMERS.

You might as well just be getting free advertising and referrals from customers that already use you. Who cares about links when you can get targeted traffic coming from someone who recommends your business.

Now for the real kicker. If you had been a subscriber of my email list, then you would have just received an email just like this post from me giving away Free High PR Blogposts in exchange for links. So if you’re not subscribed, do so now. I’m sure I have some annoying popup confronting you at some point, or just sign up at the bottom of the page.
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The personal result from this post has been awesome. As mentioned, I demonstrated this technique to my list. I picked up a lot of really relevant backlinks, many of which on actual PR pages, and I’ve already received targeted traffic from a couple of them. Go use this method for yourself. It works!


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Travis Jamison

Travis Jamison

Travis is the founder of a dozen companies, with 2 meaningful exits, with most built using SEO. He's writing about this himself in third person, and refuses to have a professional head-shot (hence the avatars)
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