This Week In SEO 14
Apple’s Search Engine, Yahoo! Serving Google Ads & More

It’s been a slow week for SEO.  After the excitement of the last few weeks, with some great posts coming out about big algorithm changes, and Google getting beat up in the media, I feel like we’ve got a moment to catch our breath.

While you’re not busy reacting to some crazy changes, this would be a great time to brush up on some fundamentals, and peak up from the battlefield to see some of the fringe items within the SEO space.  I’ll still be sharing with you some of the great posts and most important information from this week, but first, this week’s video.

Mentions of the Apple “Spotlight” search engine has been popping up in several different places across the web last week.  This is something I’m really excited about, and watching closely.  So, to fill in this slow news week, we’ll be looking at some of what we know about the Apple search engine.

First up: Emily Grossman presents on Siri, Safari, and Spotlight from a recent conference:

The Apple Search Engine Round-up:


Apple is Launching Search Engine to Destroy Google–and you’re already using it:

This one, from Jason Calacanis is about a month old, but is the most exciting article I’ve read.  Jason is a smart dude, and he’s extremely plugged in to the tech scene (for gods sake listen to his podcast!).  A long time Google critic, he has a pretty harsh outlook for Google, and a very optimistic one for Apple:

Tim Cook is suggesting a better path for users: Apple will give you the ability to search for “free,” as in ad-free and data-collection-free.

Apple is leapfrogging Google by making search something that is built into the core of your mobile phone and desktop. The reason to do this is that you can compress time by removing the need to visit a website like

App Indexing and the New Frontier of SEO:

This article (part 1 of 3) from Emily Grossman, talks about the difference in philosophy that Apple and Google each bring to the idea of search, and what we can expect from them in the future.

Apple’s overall focus on “products” positions the company to gain the most from a primarily app-based world. In Apple’s ideal scenario, the web is only used as an invisible layer that links apps together and allows apps to become their own uniquely-controlled display-layers for private and public content.

Conversely, Google stands to gain the most from a web-based world where data can be most easily collected, organized, and distributed so Google can become the presentation layer of the Internet. While apps are part of their data collection strategy, Google has invested heavily in programs that allow developers to create HTML5 web content to rival apps and thus return users to a web-based ecosystem.

There’s a lot more to this article.  It’s some seriously hardcore search-related info.  Recommended reading for sure.

Apple Inc Making Serious Bid for Google’s Search Business:

This article takes a more (stock) market approach to the issue of Apple getting into the search space, but makes for some interesting reading all the same:

On Wednesday Axiom Capital Markets analyst Victor Anthony released a report that called for a slow down in core business at Google. He said that though Apple won’t be a competitive risk in the short term, “Longer-term there is a risk that Apple could be successful and impact Google.” At the same time, rumors are spreading that Google’s decline in recent months may be purposeful.

Yahoo! Search Testing Google Search Results

yahoo og

Pull up a chair and grab your popcorn, because this one could get really interesting.

Apparently, Yahoo! is sometimes displaying ads powered by Google in their search results.  No big deal?  Not so fast.

This story has a bit of history to it:

Back in 2008 when Yahoo! was fighting to not get acquired they signed an ad agreement with Google, but it was blocked by the DOJ due to antitrust concerns. Unless Google loses Apple as a search partner, they are arguably more dominant today in general web search than they were back in 2008. Some have argued apps drastically change the way people search, but Google has went to great lengths to depreciate the roll of apps & suck people back into their search ecosystem with features baked into Google Now on tap & in-app keyword highlighting that can push a user from an app into a Google search result.

Read this article.  Aaron Wall never fails to deliver, and keep up to date with how the biggest players in search are positioning themselves.

Google Will Crawl Up To 10MB Per Page

This is a short, but very interesting piece of information.

Google’s John Mueller said in a Google Hangout this morning on Google+ at the 31:25 mark that Google will crawl up to about 10 megabytes per page.

So if you have pages larger than 10 megabytes, make sure the content on the page is crawled within the 10 megabytes part.

Page Rank Sculpting Still Works

Blast from the past!

This article is like, super nerdy SEO stuff, but still worth checking out.  Summing it up won’t be as effective as reading it for yourself (and it’s short, so go do it!), but this is the gist of it:



In the example above, imagine that the first link on the top right is no-followed, 100% of the PageRank would flow through the second link, meaning that the 100 points would go to the page on the bottom right.

Back in June 2009 (AKA the paleolithic period of SEO history) Matt Cutts announced that Google had made a change, and were no longer applying “increased” PageRank to the remaining links, they were simply discounting the amount that would have passed through that specific link.

Essentially you were sacrificing that PageRank equity.  It disappeared.  Ceased to exist. Vanished.  Pooooomf.

Until next time…

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