This Week In SEO 23
200+ Ranking Signals, Writing Noteworthy Content, and More

Nothing big and newsworthy going down in Google-land this week to report on, but we’ve got some solid, knowledge-packed articles you shouldn’t miss.

Due to some technical difficulties this week, there’s no Quick SEO Tip video. Instead, here’s something a little different: Stephen King, speaking on writing, coming up with great ideas, and building good habits.

I know it’s not directly SEO related, but as this week featured some great content-related articles, I think this video of advice is appropriate.

Google Ranking Factors

So you want to rank a website? Here are over 200 ranking factors to consider before as you’re making plans.

northcutt google ranking factors does a great job of going over each factor, and providing a rating of “myth” or “concrete.” The interactive post contains a bunch of links from sources for each “concrete” ranking factor. This one is a *must* for SEOs.

Writing Noteworthy Content

This is something that we’e been saying for a long time: QUALITY CONTENT IS IMPORTANT TO SEO. Google is not going to rank your crappy 200 word article on the best refrigerator. You’ve gotta put some sweat into writing some amazing content to really get a healthy boost from any link building you do.

This Ahrefs article give you several ways to capitalize on well written articles for some sweet, sweet links.

But, in the end, it all comes down to having written a good article:

Would you like to learn the proven syndication formula, that will easily get your articles published at LifeHacker, Huffington Post, Forbes, FastCompany & many other huge publications?

I definitely would.

But I’m afraid there’s no such thing.

The only way to do this, is to write a piece of content that will generate some solid buzz on your own blog and then reach out to editors of these big publications with perfect reasoning of why they should republish it.


Insights From Analyzing 1,000,000 Articles

shares links

Buzzsumo and Moz got together and did a big study of the relationship in content marketing between getting shares and getting links. No surprise here, the big takeaway is that most content published online gets ignored. Publishing noteworthy content (see above story) is the best way to get shares and links. That’s probably not news to anyone, but it’s cool they have the data to back that up.

Check out the full post for a summary of the 8 key takeaways, and get the link to download the 30 page research report.

List posts and videos achieve much higher shares on average than other content formats. However, in terms of achieving links, list posts and why posts achieve a higher number of referring domain links than other content formats on average. While we may love to hate them, list posts remain a powerful content format.


Google Testing Infinite Scroll?


Have you been seeing some weird things going on in your Google searches? I did, several times in the last few weeks.

It appears that Google is testing out infinite scroll in the SERPs. Nothing official on the matter, yet, but many people are seeing something similar.

How about you? Have you seen any instances of infinite scrolling SERPs? If so, what was the search query?


Microsites and Private Blog Networks are NOT Dangerous

Another awesome post from Michael Martinez. Another example of how fearful people have become of doing SEO (or making any kind of digital moves).

There are no search algorithms that specifically target microsites and blog networks. At least, neither Bing nor Google has ever mentioned any such algorithms. You all should stop and think about that, because I know most of you are thinking, “What about Penguin?”

Penguin was about Web spam, not about blog networks. The two are very different things. I still see plenty of blog networks in the search results and they get a lot of traffic. Why? Because they are not violating search engine guidelines.

Basically, he is arguing that microsite are good and user friendly, and blog networks are not inherently banned by Google or Bing. It’s refreshing to get an honest view on the topic, from someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

My blog network is private. I receive emails from marketers every week who want to buy links, place content, or somehow incorporate my sites into their spam empires. They cannot get in. They are uninvited. They are wasting my time (and sorely tempting me to file a few spam reports). Just because I have a private network of Websites doesn’t make me a spammer. One becomes a spammer by spamming, not by owning microsites and private blog networks. You have to use them for spam for them to become bad things.


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