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Unencrypted Sites, Google Pays Apple for Search, Search APIs shutting down, and More


Google Will Soon Shame All Websites That Are Unencrypted

Unencrypted Shaming is the new “Not Mobile Friendly.”

In it’s quest to ENCRYPT ALL THE THINGS, Google will start putting a very scary red checkmark over the lock icon in the Chrome address bar if a website is not secure (a.k.a. it doesn’t have an SSL certificate), like this:

Google Unencrypted

Currently, Chrome displays only an icon of a white page when the website you’re accessing is not secured with HTTPS, a green locked padlock when it is, as well as a padlock with a red “x” on it when there’s something wrong with the HTTPS page the user is trying to access. The change will draw even more attention to the sites that are potentially insecure.

So, in addition to a ranking boost, having a secure site will not scare off potential visitors using Chrome. Google seems committed to having a secure web. Good times if you’re an SSL certificate provider!

Google Paid Apple One Billion Dollars to Keep Search Bar on iPhone

steve jobs dr evil

Underscoring the value of a) being a search engine, and b) having your search bar be the default on a hugely popular platform, in addition to giving Apple $1,000,000,000 in 2014 to be the Safari default, Google also gave Apple “up to 34%” of the ad revenue generated.

The revenue-sharing agreement reveals the lengths Google must go to keep people using its search tool on mobile devices. It also shows how Apple benefits financially from Google’s advertising-based business model that Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has criticized as an intrusion of privacy.

Interesting, indeed. Google definitely has a lot to lose when Apple steps up their search engine presence…

Google to Shut Down Several Search APIs in February

Sorry, were you using those APIs for your SEO tool/research/whatever? Doesn’t matter, Google will be closing down the following APIs next month:

The APIs that are closing include Google Patent Search API, Google News Search API, Google Blog Search API, Google Video Search API, Google Image Search API.


How Search Works in 2016

A solid infographic from SEObook on how search is different in 2016 than it was previously.

As users have shifted to mobile devices, the limited screen size of the devices have pushed search engines to squeeze out & displace publishers with their own self-hosted information in an effort to offset the poor usability offered by tiny devices, while ensuring the search habit does not decline.

The philosophy of modern search has thus moved away from starting with information and connecting it to an audience, to starting with the user and customizing the result page to them.

Very interesting infographic. Click through and check out the whole thing.

How Search Works in 2016

More SEO Myths for 2016

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Michael Martinez, and I’ve previously linked to his first SEO Myths post. He’s back with part 2, going over commonly believed SEO facts that are not quite as true as a lot of people believe.

Definitely check out the full list.

SEO Myths 2016

Panda Facts, Google Kills Travel SERPs, Horror Stories, & More
Search Intent, AMP Errors in Search Console, and Acquisition SEO

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