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Voice Search Reports Coming to a Google Service Near You

Search Console and Google Analytics could soon be reporting on queries made by way of voice search.

This long wished-for feature is currently being worked on, as Google is looking for how to segment out and present this info to webmasters. Mueller also said they were looking for ways to segment out AMP results as well.

John explained that Google wants to provide a way to segment out how people search for your site using a keyboard versus voice search in the Search Analytics report. John said Google wants to “make it easier to pull out what people have used to search on voice and what people are using by typing. Similar to how we have desktop and mobile set up separately.”

Here’s how it will probably look:

google keyword not provided
Get it?


Podcasting SEO in 2016

As SEO bloggers like to remind you: Google isn’t the only search engine that matters. Pinterest, Facebook, and iTunes are also massive search engines that drive millions of visitors each day.

iTunes is to podcasting what Google is to search. Doing all the right things and having high-visibility in iTunes can make a huge difference in the growth of your listenership.

Here is some stock photography to help illustrate that:

increased traffic and rankings

this could be you!

If you currently run a podcast, I highly recommend you read through this long, in-depth post to really get a handle on SEO and everything you can do to grow your audience.

If you aren’t currently doing a podcast, I highly recommend you look into starting one.

If you have no intention of ever starting your own podcast, but are a marketer, I’d recommend giving this a good solid read as well. Why?

Hi Podcasters. You may find the below interesting, perhaps educational — and I hope you leave your insights for the Moz Community in the comments below (I’ll be reading and replying to all of them).

But even if you never plan on having your own podcast, this post is for you, too! I see the marketing of podcasts will being an important addition to any marketer’s skill set in 2016 and beyond.


Dividing a Website Across Multiple Hosts Does Not Negatively Impact SEO
Good to know!

If you have a reason to host different parts of your website at different hosts, this should come as good news.

While doing this CAN impact the authority of your root domain, it will not inherently cause your rankings to suffer.

Michael Martinez is tired of people not understanding how the web works, and propagating bad advice at the expense of wasted money, wasted time, and bad user experiences.

All PageRank-like algorithms used by major search engines (such as Bing and Google) have to follow the links. It doesn’t matter if the links are all collected on one Website or a thousand. As long as the PageRank flows through the links the value that follows is the same.

What changes the equation is the filtration that is applied to the links. The “if one is good for me then ten thousand are great” mentality is what led to Google issuing millions of manual Web spam actions last year. They’re not citing you for using too many subdomains to publish your content. They’re citing you for not publishing good content on your subdomains.


Building Bad PBNs

Are you still using PBNs to rank in Google?

pbn graphic

party like it’s 2013!

In all seriousness, PBNs still work, when done right. This post, very bluntly, lists several smart things that you may be doing wrong. It’s not so helpful to suggest how to fix each thing, but knowledge is power.

If you aren’t dropping healthy amounts of authority links on your PBN then 2012 called, they want their PBN back. Don’t think of it like you’re sharing a chunk of your precious link juice, it’s important to camouflage your links and help make Google think your site is related to the authority sites. Don’t use your direct competitors of course and don’t just use wikipedia a bunch, use all the big sites.


Should You Claim a Local Business Listing?

Want that sweet sweet backlink?

Easy, just make a local business listing and claim it–even if you’re not a local business… right?

wrong wrong wrong wrong

As this post explains, this could potentially hurt your organic traffic. If you’re an ecommerce (or other non-local business), claiming a listing could be pretty detrimental.

When it comes to Google’s search results, claiming your local listings can be harmful if you’re not truly a local business. Claiming your local business listings can restrict your website traffic to only visitors from your local area. You could miss out on international visitors, or even visitors from another state in the United States.

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