This Week In SEO 63
Mobile and Local SEO


An Update on Mobile Search Results from Google

Google is tired of your inconsiderate pop-ups blocking all the content on your site when viewed on mobile, and even worse being close to impossible to close them.

So they’re going to wield the SEO stick and smack sites that have a bad mobile user-experience down in the serps.

How to avoid this? Don’t do any of these things:


We previously explored a signal that checked for interstitials that ask a user to install a mobile app. As we continued our development efforts, we saw the need to broaden our focus to interstitials more generally. Accordingly, to avoid duplication in our signals, we’ve removed the check for app-install interstitials from the mobile-friendly test and have incorporated it into this new signal in Search.

You have until January 10, 2017…


Wired’s Slow Switch to HTTPS

You’ve probably heard that switching your site to HTTPS will offer some kind of ranking boost.

That may be fine for your 10 page affiliate site, but for a massive media site like Wired, it’s a gigantic undertaking. It’s been several months, and they’ve only turned it on for one part of the site:

I think it’s interesting to watch how a big, successful brand takes on an SEO issue we all (probably) had to deal with at some point.

Temporary SEO changes on your site are a possible consequence of transitioning to HTTPS. Although we’ve been working hard to manage SEO for HTTPS migrations according to industry best practices, our initial results for the Security section have left us uncomfortable with turning on sitewide HTTPS so soon

issues decreasing

^ looks like it’s getting better, though…


A Very Curious Local Search Query

This twitter exchange:

concerning this search query:**

Has inspired some really interesting posts and speculation in the world of local SEO, recently. (a really fantastic site) has dug in to this query, and come away with some interesting thoughts:

Close to the city limits, but clearly outside them. Does that mean that ** holds the secret to gaining local organic relevance for cities your aren’t physically located in? Can you use it to break into packs where you aren’t physically located? Who knows! But it’s definitely worth more research.

Check out their full posts for all of their speculation. Pretty interesting stuff…


Why You Should Optimize Your Site for “Near Me” Queries

This will be most helpful for small, local businesses. Here are the benefits summarized:

Overall, our results started to give us the answer that, yes, updating your website and content for the appropriate “near me” phrases can have a positive impact on the impressions and clicks for those phrases. This is just the start for a small business website, as mobile search and search intent will only continue to become more important.

near me queries


A Different Perspectve: Looking at “Near Me” Queries

Funny how this works out, but the last post in this week’s update is very related to the above post. And this particular post is just the type of content that warms my SEO-heart the most.

In this (super-long) post, Glen from ViperChill talks about the benefits of targeting “near me” queries, but from a different perspective.
near me queries ranking

Another reason this opportunity is interesting to me is because it doesn’t seem to be taking much to rank.

In two of the search terms above, exact match domains are performing very well with very few backlinks. I’m not going to ‘out’ the sites but they are very easy to find when you start analysing the opportunities here.

Something to think about if your business could benefits from these queries (or if you’re searching for a new niche to go after).

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