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Big Fluctuations, Linkless Mentions, Grey Hat SEO, & More


The Doom and Gloom Chatter of September, 2016

SEOs waiting for Penguin like:


I try not to post about stories in the weekly updates that are unfolding or unconfirmed, as too much and constant speculation isn’t really helpful.

However, September has been a hell of a month in terms of ranking fluctuations. Some crazy movement at the first of the month, and then more Google dancing in the past two days:



I’ve seen some crazy ranking fluctuations in the SERPs of certain keywords I monitor. Here are some various screenshots from SERPwoo (note: not all niches were this crazy, but many were).

This is the volatility score for the keyword “SEO Company”


Here’s the volatility score for the keyword “Car Insurance”


There are several people in various SEO forums, and on Twitter, saying that sites affected by Penguin back in the day are once again ranking:

Google officially says this as to whether it’s Penguin or not:


They’re not really confirming anything.


Here are a few of the keywords I track–looking at the last four weeks or so:


Green Tea Extract


Life Insurance


SSL Certificate

We’ll keep watching/listening as events unfold. Stay tuned for more, and if you’ve seen anything interesting with your sites or sites you monitor, drop us a comment and let us know.


The Power of Linkless Mentions

Basically, there’s more to life than getting links.

At Supremacy, we’re all about the links. But we also recognize the value of getting your brand mentioned on various websites. In addition to helping beef up your search engine result listing, like this:


Getting your brand mentioned on website can help build authority. It’s part of a balanced SEO campaign. In addition to those indirect authority-building benefits, unlinked mentions can also help you by getting you to focus on other aspects of your business, argues the article.

Linkless mentions are a long-term investment that spreads your name far and wide. The engines can see this happening, and they’ll wonder why your brand or product is becoming more important. Then they start testing you in results to see if you please searchers.

That’s the ultimate goal. Pleasing the consumer. The engine wins and so does the business.

I mean… yeah. We’re an SEO site and we <3 SEO, but you should definitely be focusing on the consumer if you're a business (you know, AFTER you're ranking in the top 3) 😉  

Grey Hat Technique: Canonical Link Building



This is some dirrrrrrrrrty stuff, ya’ll.

Basically, no one wants to link to your super shady online poker site.

What’s an SEO to do?

This technique involves creating super shareable content on a secondary domain–say… some super pandering content on a mommy-blog site. After you get hella links from your infographic, set the “rel=canonical” to point to your online poker site, and GET THAT LINK JUICE.

You might feel like this:


But your rankings will be like this:


Until Google does you like this:


Please–do me a favor and don’t try this technique unless you know exactly WTF you are doing.


Google Reminds You About Your Dodgy Widget Links

Google’s webspam team may take manual actions on unnatural links. When a manual action is taken, Google will notify the site owners through Search Console. If you receive such a warning for unnatural links to your site and you use links in widgets to promote your site, we recommend resolving these issues and requesting reconsideration.

Allow me to translate: We can’t take a manual action against every person doing this, so we want to make a big deal and remind you that we MAY take action so you talk about it and get too scared to do it.

…which is good! Cuz that sh*t is like, really effective, LOL. So knock it off! Or spooooky ghost of SEO penalties will get you!


The Future of Your Freedom to Build Links

This story is… weird. Basically, a European court has set a precedent for what you can and cannot link to.

The top EU court just decided in favor of Playboy, stating that posting hyperlinks to unowned content provides tangible profits, which is grounds enough for copyright infringement.


This is why that’s bad:

As Fortune points out, this is a victory for content copyright holders wishing to annihilate links to pirated versions of their material. But for newsgatherers, this is a worrisome precedent. Linking to material for context is part of journalistic practice, and putting the onus on publications to ensure referenced items have been uploaded legally opens them up to semantic interpretations of permission and profit. Plus, it could inhibit reporting on sensitive goods leaked in the public interest.

Rapid-Fire SEO Insights

Will AMP become a ranking signal?

(probably eventually)

Yes you should move to HTTPS. Follow this example to move your own site to HTTPS send this link to your developer cuz you’ll only F it up.

Google has deindexed a bunch of webpages due to copyright claims.

To date, over 20 million requests have been submitted, leading to the removal of 1.75 billion URLs from 888 thousand domains.

Accelerated Mobile Pages. 40% of users will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This affects Google’s bottom line, and so by implementing AMP they can turn this around and you can maybe rank better if you use it (eventually).

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