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A Plan for Internal Linking


Good question!

Very essential technique for getting your site to work WITH your SEO efforts, instead of against it.

This post by SEMrush is a great jumping-off point if you’re wondering where to start.

It’s got dos and don’ts, helpful tools, and a step by step process for getting everything internal linking in top shape.

Don’t install plugins that generate links

Don’t use a mega menu.

Don’t use automatic linking (to similar posts)

Don’t use automatic solution to improve your linking

Don’t have any broken links

Don’t use the “nofollow” attribute (really, it’s a patch!)

Highly recommended resource.


How to Optimize Your Shopify Store

When it comes to Shopify I’m like:


Pretty clueless…

So I can’t tell you where to change that H1 tag, or how to restructure a URL by changing the slug; but this post can!

A great guide from Portent, this site tells you what to optimize on your Shopify site and, more importantly, HOW.

Honestly, the Shopify URLs drive me a little crazy… I’ve been SEO-ing (yeah, it’s a verb) for the better part of a decade now and I have always recommended clean and simple URLs: follow a purposeful naming convention that utilizes targeted keywords, makes sense to people, denotes hierarchy, conveys relevance, etc. The Fact that you CAN NOT have a Shopify site without URLs like


It’s Dead Easy to Tamper With Google My Business Listings

You better check yourself site , before someone wrecks yourself site.

How easy is it to suggest a change to a Google local listing and have the change be quickly accepted?

Dangerously easy…

The author of this post made two (approved) edits to his clients’s GMB listings–one to an unclaimed page, and one to the company’s flagship GMB listing, and both were approved.

*Note: he wasn’t logged in as the client, at the time. He just made the changes and they were accepted.

That’s why I’m concerned that this presents a way for some unethical business owners to mess with their local competitors with relative ease. Sometimes, if you’ve got a site with decent link-juice and clean citations, all it takes to “pop” into the Google Maps 3-pack is just to get your landing page URL right. The reverse can happen, too.

Might be a good idea to keep an eye on your listing…


Best Practices for Writing On-Page Elements

Do you like super-long, detailed posts that teach you how to do something well?


This is a really great, very in-depth post mainly focused on how to construct all the on-page elements everyone always tells you to pay attention to, like H1s, meta title/description, etc. etc.

This might also be a good time to remind you that if we’re building links for your site, be sure to read over our on-page SEO guide.

Here’s a sample–engagement as an SEO factor, best practices:

Accurately and thoroughly answer the “question” of the keyword

Use a good, easy-to-navigate theme (I prefer simple ones)

Spend time on good formatting (we have a big guide on formatting here)

Include plenty of highly relevant media (images, infographics, videos, etc.)

Use short sentences and a conversational tone (Neil Patel saw a 247% increase in users finishing content by doing this)

Write longer articles (to the extent it makes sense for your business)

Use this guide, along with our own on-page write-up, and that’s the 80/20 of on-page optimization.


Is There More to Building Links Than Rankings?

Here’s a nice SEO think-piece for you.

Should you only focus on links that drive traffic and revenue, instead of focusing on link building purely to drive rankings?

This sums up Jon’s thoughts on the matter pretty well:

I remember getting a blogroll link a few years back that sent some serious traffic (mid 4 figures a month), which was awesome. But if I spent time only going after links that would send traffic & conversions, I would’ve built significantly less links, and drove significantly less rankings for my clients & my own sites (which, coincidentally, results in less revenue).

Basically, don’t NOT build links just because they won’t send a lot traffic/revenue, because that link will help you rank for keywords where visitors WILL contribute to your site’s revenue.


Rapid-Fire SEO Insights
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