SaaSicorn Has Merged

Into Smash Digital

SaaSicorn SaaS SEO Has Rebranded Hi,
We’re happy to announced that our beloved brand SaaSicorn has joined forces with the agency SupremacySEO and both rebranded as Smash Digital.

In case you weren’t aware, SaaSicorn and SupremacySEO have been sister companies from the start. They both shared most of the same team in the backend, but the front-end was kept separate for branding and marketing purposes.

With our size now, we’re to the point now that we no longer think this makes sense. Why do marketing on multiple sites? Why service clients through multiple backends? Yeah, we can’t think of too many good reasons either.

So, we kept the smashing logo and branding of SaaSicorn, and moved it all here to it’s new home. We hope you love this one as much as you did the other.

For any of our current clients who missed our email notifications, worry not, all campaigns are still underway, and all of our old email addresses still work just fine. We have expanded our list of services to include managed SEO services, white hat link building services, and SEO audits.

We’ve also added in a few case studies, including my favorite, the SaaS SEO case study.

If you have ANY questions, feel free to hit us up anytime.

A million thanks for your support!
-Travis Jamison

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