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High Quality Signals, Google/Twitter, Technical SEO, and WMT Renamed

After the last few SEO updates, this week feels quiet by comparison.  No mobilegeddon, no doorway page penalty, no quality update.  So take a moment to relax and catch your breath.  In this week’s update, we’ll dive back into some educational content, some theory, and a few updates.

But first, the SEO quick tips video of the week: how to research websites for SEO gold (a continuation of last week’s video).

Tools shown in video: SERPWoo, Ahrefs & Majestic SEO

How to Include High Quality Signals on your Website

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If there’s one thing the last few weeks of Google updates should have taught you, it’s that quality, trustworthiness, and authority matter.  In another great post, Michael Martinez breaks down each signal and how having it (or not) impacts the perception of your site.

We need to look at Websites in ways that matter to human intuition without worrying about what the search engines’ algorithms think. There is a high correlation between human and algorithmic preferences for Web documents, but those preferences are driven by separate, distinct, unrelated factors because you don’t process information the way a search engine does.

Definitely go read this whole post, but here are the signals he talks about:

  • The “Intrinsic” Signal
  • Page Clutter
  • Inarticulate Expectaion
  • Page Design
  • Text Layout
  • Image Abstrusion
  • Navigation
  • User-generated Content

The Google-Twitter Deal Goes Live

google tweets

Right now, the new implementation will only be offered for those searching in the US, in English, using either their browser in iOS or Android or the Google Search App. Twitter promises support for desktop and other languages in the coming months.

This week’s addition of “something else taking up our SERP real estate” comes from Twitter, and it’s only showing up on mobile in the US.  The real question to ask is:

How long before someone/you figures out how to use this to get something on the first page of Google?  Tweet-jacking?  Hashtag Highjacking?  I’ll be watching this space to see how things shake out.

4 Unnoticed Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO is one of those easy-to-overlook areas of search engine optimization that should really get more attention.  It’s not as sexy as link building, I know, but it can really hold you back if you mess it up.

This post brings it with four technical SEO issues that may be messing up your rankings.  Check it to learn about:

  • Redirect Chains
  • Layered Navigation
  • Robots.txt
  • Schema Mark-up

For eCommerce it is essential, and I cannot recommend it enough to any of my clients. Not just because we have entered the world of structured data and we need to provide the search engines with context about what we are trying to say, but at present it still differentiates your website in the SERPs.

There are a range of schema markups that are available, so you do not have the excuse of saying ‘I don’t work on an eCommerce store’. To find out more information then take a look here – and if you are looking for help to create your schema then here is another handy tool –

If you don’t know a lot about schema, follow those links and get to learnin.


Web Master Tools Renamed Search Console

To be more inclusive of users who use Web Master Tools, but are NOT actually webmasters, Google has changed the name to Search Console.


It doesn’t sound like much else has changed, so not the biggest piece of SEO news, but you will need to update your abbreviations.  No more WMT: hello SC.

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