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Google+ Fading? .Gov Links, Pinterest Buy-now buttons, and Outranking Google

As always, I’m bringing you the best and most important updates from the last week in the world of SEO.  There were a lot of interesting developments related to Google (not necessarily SEO) from Google’s recently held I/O conference.

Before we jump into the updates, here’s this week’s Quick SEO Tip on using the Moz Toolbar to investigate different kinds of links.

Moz Bar

Google Drops Google+ Promotion From Gmail & Other Services on google plusGoogle has pulled the “+<your name>” Google Plus profile name and link from gmail,, and other Big G services.  Though Google claims this is not an indication of the (inevitable) death of Google Plus, it’s a pretty big step back from how they crammed Google Plus integration down everyone’s throat, previously.

What does this mean for us SEOs?  That remains to be seen, but it doesn’t sound like the future is very bright for Google Plus, despite what executive said about it having “more signs of life than it’s had in a long time.”  Uh huh.

This move continues a trend of Google backing away from its previous favored treatment of Google+, which went as far as making the creation of a Google+ account mandatory when creating accounts for other Google services. Google also made many efforts to integrate Google+ into its full product line, including Gmail contact management, a Google+ share box on Google’s main search page and display of Google+ authors in search results.


How to Score .GOV Links for SEO

Ah, .Gov sites, the caviar of links building.  They’re not easy to get, but they tend to come from trustworthy, authoritative sites.


The SEM Rush blog has a nice starting point for you to organize a .gov link building campaign. Some of the content is a bit generic (are .gov links even worth it?), and some of the suggestions are obvious (leave a comment).  But there are also some interesting tactics that are definitely worth checking out, such as:

  • write about a government agency
  • write about a politician
  • interview a politician

This is the kind of long-hours-of-hard-work it takes to build worthwhile links (unless, of course, you sign up for a sexy service like RankBOSS).

Why Famous SEO Strategies Won’t Work For You

It’s easy to get caught up in success stories.

The AHREFS blog does a good service here of reminding you that “(almost) nobody posts their case study failures.”  Just because they had success doing a certain technique, doesn’t guarantee that you will the first time (or second, or third, etc).

Remember there are tons of other factors at play when getting rankings, and also not to mention the survivorship bias coming into play here.

Think of it like a PSA for persevering.

It’s similar to how Facebook causes depression.

You see the best of everyone else. Their vacations, accomplishments, and other things in their life that they are proud of.

This can make you feel worse about your life.

But getting those good things (results) all the time is not normal. They are the exception.

No one posts updates saying, “I just ate a tub of ice cream, I hate my body.” They post the good stuff.

Blog owners do the exact same thing!


6 Actionable SEO Tips

The best kind of SEO tips.

Jason Acidre gives a break down on each of the following topics:

  • Maximize Crawl Budget
  • Optimize for Knowledge Graph and Google Quick Answers Box
  • Optimize for Long Click
  • Improving SERP-CTR
  • Bulk Up More Signals on Pages You Want to Rank
  • Continuously Work On and Monitor Your Brand’s Linkable Assets

This is a great post if you’ve never heard of these things before and need to learn them, OR if you’re an experienced SEO–it’s a great little refresher on some things you may be overlooking, but not knowing that you’re over looking something.

Although, Google has continuously revolutionize their ways of improving how their search engine assesses web pages that deserve better visibility, to practically match how web consumption evolved in the past few years (such as the steady growth in mobile search, which in turn gave birth to mobile, site-speed and web security-related metrics).

But there are still several aspects of technical site optimization that many of us tend to forget when doing site audits. And these areas will be the focal point of this blog post.


Google Adding Content From iOS Apps to Index

I’ll let this high quality stock picture illustrate what’s happening to Google’s Index


It’s growing!

Google already crawls and indexes Android app data.  But now they’re adding iOS apps to the mix.

Here’s the guidelines Google gives on how to get your app content indexed:

  1. Add deep linking support to your iOS app.
  2. Make sure it’s possible to return to Search results with one click.
  3. Provide deep link annotations on your site.
  4. Let us know you’re interested. Keep in mind that expressing interest does not automatically guarantee getting app deep links in iOS search results.

There are some links about deep linking in the article–may be worth a read if you’re into that sort of thing (you know you are.  Do it).

Pinterest is Now Integrated With Shopify With “Buyable Pins”
It’s not directly SEO news, but it’s important enough in our world to get mentioned (if for no other reason than I know how many of you like to spam Pinterest)
Shopify Pinterest Buy Button

To keep it short, users can now purchase products directly from Pinterest (via your Shopify account) using Apple Pay or their credit card.

This Egyptian Repairman is Outranking Google Egypt for “Google” keyword search.

This is a damn fun read.  This repair man was ranking #1 for the keyword search “Google” on  The author of the article does a great job interviewing the guy, digging in to see why it might be happening, and getting a comment from Google.  Seriously, check this story out, it’s bananas.

Big Brand Links, Devaluing Content, Long Search Queries, & New gTLDs T
High Quality Signals, Google/Twitter, Technical SEO, and WMT Renamed

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